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Owner Nananav
Usage Mansion
City Kholinar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Sometime long ago, someone had mixed far too much wealth with far too much imagination.

Veil's impression of Rockfall[1]

Rockfall is a mansion in Kholinar. Its current owner is Lady Nananav.[1]


Rockfall is a four-floors-tall structure made entirely out of stone. It's constructed around a square atrium with a skylight on top of it, with galleries running around it on every floor. The atrium is filled with manicured shalebark and rockbuds, with numerous lifespren flitting between them.[1]

However, Rockfall's most famous feature are its waterfalls. Four large fountains pour down from the top floor onto the atrium ground -- however, they carry no water. At some point in the past, they have been Soulcast into different materials, including crystal, dark wood and marble. They have been transformed just as water hit the ground, preserving their shape forever. It is from these waterfalls that the mansion's nickname is derived.[1]

Rockfall's library is located on the first floor near the atrium stairwell. Further down the same corridor lays the larder, protected by a door with a combination lock. Inside are two dumbwaiters leading to a loading bay on the ground floor. The bay is large enough for carriages to enter and exit, allowing for quick transport and unloading of various foods and spices supplied to the mansion. A gate stands between it and the city streets to protect Rockfall from thieves.[1]


The mansion is quite old, having changed hands over a dozen times in the past. At one point, there were real waterfalls there, although one of the owners paid a vast sum of money to Soulcast them into various materials, and from then on, the place became known as Rockfall. Brightness Nananav purchased it about a decade ago and attemped to have it renamed as Hadinal Keep, although by the Siege of Kholinar, her efforts appear to have failed.[1]

During one of its passes, the Everstorm struck the mansion with lightning, making a giant hole in one of the atrium-adjacent rooms. Nananav had people hired to fix it up, which Shallan and her crew, including Vathah, Red and Ishnah, use to inflitrate the place with an intent of robbing its larder. The heist is successful, despite Shallan taking a crossbow bolt to the head at one point, and the food is distributed among the city's poor, with the intent of catching the attention of the Cult of Moments.[1]


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