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Riverside Marketplace
World Earth (The Original)
Featured In The Original

Riverside Marketplace is a market area right by the river in the town where Holly lives. Its theming shows it as being open air, but it is actually enclosed by a high clear dome. The produce there is fresh, and there is a citrus stand there run by Stilla. There are artists selling hand-loomed fabrics there, as well as other crafts. Its theming shows a quaint, old school market. Without theming, it is actually just a bunch of white stalls and buildings, with some slight texturing on the walls that give the impression of stucco.[1]

Holly Winseed and Jonathan first meet at the Riverside Marketplace at Stilla’s citrus stand, and they frequent the marketplace often. Holly's Provisional Replica goes there to search for her original, and an ICON fire team lays an ambush there and kidnaps her.[1]


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