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Abilities Fused
Species Singer
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

We must exterminate them. Our people will never be safe on this world as long as the humans exist.


Rine is a Fused who interacts with Venli.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Rine is one of the few Fused who are still sane. He is tall and, being one of the Heavenly Ones, usually hovers while waiting, wearing a long cloak.[1][2]

He more readily accepts Venli's words when she speaks respectfully and uses the ancient tongue, even though he doesn't understand the dead bodies taboo among listeners and their refusal to talk of a gemheart.[1]

In Rine's opinion, it is more important to keep a close watch on human slaves than to exploit them as workers, he fears that Surgebinders might arise among them.[1]


Rine guides Venli in her preachings to the newly awakened Parshmen. At first they visited small villages in Alethkar, but after this practice they moved on to Kholinar, where the true labor began.[3] When Venli compared these newly awakened parshmen to babes, Rine compared her to a toddler. Rine always conferred with a town's spren right before they moved from one town to another.[1]

After Rine and Venli had been in Kholinar for a while[4] they joined the fleet that was preparing for the Battle of Thaylen Field.[2]

Rine offered Venli the opportunity to refresh herself in the cabin of their ship, but Venli asks him why they need such a fleet when they have the Fused. Rine answers that the most skilled Fused still have to awaken, and mentions that, once the humans have been defeated, the Fused will hand over Roshar to the singers so the Fused can finally get to rest.[2]


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