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Profession Head Quartermaster in Kholin army
Groups Kholin army
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

A darkeyed captain! Who would have thought it possible? You’ll be the only one in the army. The only one ever, so far as I know!

—Rind to Kaladin[1]

Rind is an Alethi man of the tenth dahn and the head quartermaster in the warcamp of Highprince Dalinar Kholin.[1] He is a grizzled man with an enormous belly, which belies his surprisingly high pitched voice.

Rind gives Captain Kaladin and the men of Bridge Four their armor and the uniforms of the Cobalt Guard.[1] However to Rind's dismay, the men want to remain Bridge Four, so they cut off the patches containing the insignia of the Cobalt Guard. Rind agrees to commission new patches for Bridge Four in the form of a glyphpair drawn by Kaladin.

Rind is surprised by Kaladin's rank of captain, claiming that he had never met a darkeyed captain, and perhaps there had never been one ever.[1] However, he does not seem opposed to the idea. Rind also helps the men dress in their uniforms, as they were unaccustomed to wearing any clothing other than that of the bridgemen.

Rind later makes a rope ladder for Kaladin, so Kaladin could climb down to the chasms of the Shattered Plains. Rind initially is perplexed from the request, but constructs the ladder well.[2]


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