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Rillir Roshone

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Rillir Roshone
Parents Brightlord Roshone
Born 1152[citation needed]
Died ? 1168[1]
Residence Hearthstone
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

I’m cityheir. My duty is to lead-to see that jobs get done and that people are occupied in productive work. And as such, I give important tasks to idling darkeyes to make them useful.

—Rillir to Kaladin[2]

Rillir Roshone is a lighteyed Alethi on Roshar and the son of Brightlord Roshone.[2] He comes to Hearthstone when his father became citylord, following Brightlord Wistiow's death. He courts Laral Wistiow prior to his death.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Riller is young and handsome, with blue eyes.[1] Rillir shows disdain towards darkeyes, believing that its their purpose to serve him. He often overlooks them as if they aren’t there, unless he wants them to do something for him. He finds living in Hearthstone to be boring, and the accommodations to be dreary. He likes going on dangerous hunts with his father, saying it will cheer both him and his father up.[2]


When Lirin and Kaladin went to Roshone's manor to dine with him and discuss the spheres left to them by Wistiow, Kaladin saw Laral with Rillir in another room, telling her about how he intends to take his father out on a hunt to brighten his spirits. He treated Kaladin like a serving boy and mentioned his beliefs that as a lighteyes, it is his place in life to be served and dictate to darkeyes how to serve him. He humiliated Kaladin until Laral redirected his attention.[2]

I would save him if I could, I promise you. But I cannot.

—Lirin to Roshone[1]

Rillir suffered grevious wounds during a whitespine hunt. His abdomen was speared through with a whitespine tusk, his lower right leg was crushed and badly mangled, and the right side of his face was mauled, with most of the skin scraped off. He and his father were brought to Lirin and Kaladin for surgery. Lirin judged him to be beyond recovery, and made the decision to let him die on the surgery table. Kaladin used dazewater to put Rillir at peace as he died.[1]



You’re as provincial as my father sometimes, dear.

—Rillir to Laral[2]

Rillir began courting Laral upon his arrival in Hearthstone, largely due to the political connections it would give to Roshone. They got along fairly well, and Laral, at the very least, cared deeply for Rillir. When he is grievously wounded by a whitespine, Laral is in hysterics, screaming at Kaladin and Lirin to treat him.[1]


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