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Rillir Roshone

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Rillir Roshone
Parents Brightlord Roshone
Born 1152[citation needed]
Died ? 1168[1]
Residence Hearthstone
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Rillir Roshone was a lighteyed Alethi on Roshar and the son of Brightlord Roshone.[2]

He came to Hearthstone when his father became citylord following Brightlord Wistiow's death. He was courting Laral Wistiow.

When Lirin and Kaladin go to Roshone's manor to dine with him and discuss the spheres left to them by Wistiow, Kaladin is sent to the kitchen while the men discuss a deal. It is here that Kaladin sees Laral with Rillir, telling her about how he intends to take his father out on a hunt to brighten his spirits. He treats Kaladin like a serving boy and mentions his beliefs that as a lighteyes it is his place in life to be served and dictate to darkeyes how to serve him. He humiliates Kaladin until Laral redirects his attention.[2]

Rillir suffered grevious wounds during a whitespine hunt, and was brought to Lirin and Kaladin for surgery. Lirin judged him to be beyond recovery, and made the decision to let him die on the surgery table.[1]


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