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Rillir Roshone
Parents Toralin Roshone
Born c. 1151-1152[1]
Died ? 1168[2][3]
Titles Cityheir of Hearthstone
Residence Hearthstone
Nationality Alethi
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In The Way of Kings

I'm cityheir. My duty is to lead—to see that jobs get done and that people are occupied in productive work. And as such, I give important tasks to idling darkeyes to make them useful.

—Rillir to Kaladin[1]

Rillir Roshone is a lighteyed Alethi on Roshar and the son of Brightlord Toralin Roshone.[1] He comes to Hearthstone after his father's exile from Kholinar due to a political scandal. He courts Laral Wistiow prior to his death.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Rillir is young and handsome, with blue eyes.[2] He speaks with a smooth city accent.[1]

Rillir is arrogant and condescending. He is particularly bigoted towards darkeyes, believing that its their purpose to serve him; he often overlooks them as if they aren’t there unless he wants them to do something for him. He finds living in Hearthstone to be "provincial" and boring, and the accommodations to be dreary. He likes going on dangerous hunts with his father, and believes they are among the few benefits of living in a rural area.[1]


Rillir was presumably raised in Kholinar, where his father Toralin owned several silversmith shops. Toralin was a minor lighteyes, but he had family connections that gained him the favor of Elhokar Kholin and Torol Sadeas until he became embroiled in a scandal that resulted in the death of Moash's grandparents, Ana and Da.[4] In late 1166, Toralin was exiled to Hearthstone and given authority over the local mansion and surrounding lands.[4] Rillir soon joined him there. Sadeas provided Laral with a dowry since Roshone was given the land that was previously held by her father, Brightlord Wistiow; by 1168 Laral and Rillir were in a relationship and heading towards a marriage that would solidify the political alliance between their families.[1]

When Lirin and Kaladin went to Roshone's manor to dine with him and discuss the spheres left to them by Wistiow, Kaladin saw Laral with Rillir in another room, telling her about how he intended to take his father out on a hunt to brighten his spirits. Although he was only about two years older than Kaladin, Rillir treated him like a serving boy and mentioned his beliefs that as a lighteyes, it was his place in life to be served and dictate to darkeyes how to serve him. He humiliated Kaladin until Laral redirected his attention.[1]

I would save him if I could, I promise you. But I cannot.

—Lirin to Roshone[2]

Rillir suffered grevious wounds during a whitespine hunt. His abdomen was speared through with a whitespine tusk, his lower right leg was crushed and badly mangled, and the right side of his face was mauled, with most of the skin scraped off. He and his father were brought to Lirin and Kaladin for surgery. Lirin judged Rillir to be beyond recovery and made the decision to let him die on the surgery table, despite Toralin's demands that he continue treatment. Kaladin used dazewater to put Rillir at peace as he died.[2]

Toralin narrowly survived his injuries, although he became reclusive and lost a great deal of weight while mourning his son.[5][3] He held a grudge against Lirin due to Rillir's death, and sent Tien into Amaram's army in revenge.[5][6] Toralin went on to marry Laral himself since he could not afford to overlook the political opportunity.[5]



You're as provincial as my father sometimes, dear.

—Rillir to Laral[1]

Rillir began courting Laral upon his arrival in Hearthstone; this was presumably encouraged by his father and Torol Sadeas due to the political connections it would give to Roshone. She and Rillir seemed to get along fairly well, although Kaladin noticed a change in Laral's personality and bearing during her relationship with Rillir. She adopted Rillir's haughty attitude towards darkeyes, although she still maintained a modicum of empathy towards Kaladin.[1] Laral seemed to genuinely care for Rillir; when he was grievously wounded by a whitespine, Laral was in hysterics, screaming at Kaladin and Lirin to treat him.[2]


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