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Right to Learn

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Right to Learn
Related to Vorinism
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
Darkeyes from almost any nahn could come to be taught a trade, exercising their divine Right to Learn, as mandated by the Heralds.
Shallan, thinking about Dalinar's temple grounds.[1]

The Right to Learn is a doctrine of Vorinism on Roshar that gives almost all Darkeyes in the Vorin kingdoms a chance to learn a chosen trade in the temple of the Almighty.[1] Larger Vorin temples have at least one ardent who is an expert in any given art or trade, and they provide training to interested Darkeyes and some Lighteyes.[1]

Shallan Davar notes that Darkeyes of "almost" any nahn are given this right, implying that the very lowest nahns are not included.[1] It is likely that very few Darkeyes are actually denied this right, assuming that it parallels the Right of Travel.[2]


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