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Right of Travel

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The Vorin Right of Travel is one of the rights granted to citizens of the Vorin kingdoms. The Right of Travel is granted to at least those of the sixth nahn or higher.[1] Although it is an assumption that the Right of Travel is the rule rather than the exception when it comes to darkeyes.


The Right of Travel is an assumption rather than something that is uncommon. There are many more darkeyes ranked high enough to have this right than there are people who do not have the right of travel.[2] A darkeyes who does not have the Right of Travel is bound to the land and cannot leave. Generally not having this right indicates that something has gone very poorly for you or your ancestors.[2]


The Right of Travel is drawn from the Herald's teaching that all borders should be open. The Oathgates are a symbol of this Heraldic belief.[3]


Men who have pledged their military service give up the Right of Travel while serving in the military.[1]


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