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Nationality Veden
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Revilar is prominent lighteyes from Jah Keved. He is of the same rank as Lin Davar, and controls the lands bordering that of the Davar household.[1] Revilar works with the princedoms textiles and this, combined with his son’s duelling abilities, has gained him favour with the Highprince. As such, he has a standing invite to visits the nation’s capital, Vedenar, one week out of every ten.[1]

He has at least one son, who is skilled at duelling. Revilar’s son participated in the duelling contest held during Middlefest at the Davar estate.[1]


He might have been handsome, if not for the loss of his nose as a youth. He wears a wooden replacement, painted black. He dresses well in modern designs, has silver hair and often looks as if he is distracted.[1]


During his youth, Revilar lost his nose during a duel.[1]


Highprince Valam visited Revilar’s estate at some point during this year.[1]

Later that year, Revilar attended Middlefest, held on the Davar grounds. During the festivities, Revilar confronted Lin and coerced him into taking a financially outrageous business deal which involved Lin selling breechtree cotton and raw shum to the Brightlord at below cost. Revilar would then arrange for it to be taken to market for the final sale. Lin initially resisted the trade, however, Revilar eventually pressured him into accepting the proposal, after bringing up the Davar’s need for allies in the Veden courts and Revilar’s recent popularity with the highprince.[1][2]


Lin Davar[edit]

Lin and Revilar are two of ten men of similar ranking that serve under Highprince Valam. They are business associates, though through coercion instead of mutual agreement. Lin is jealous of Revilar’s success at obtaining master servants as offers for employment within the Davar household have continuously been declined due of Lin’s reputation. Revilar does not respect Lin and those in his retinue disapprove of the Brightlord. Lin did not seem fond of Revilar even before being strong armed into taking financially unstable business dealings.[1]


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