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Died Before the Recreance
Abilities Windrunner, Shardbearer
Bonded With Sylphrena
Groups Knight Radiant (Windrunners)
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere

I’ve ... been remembering what it was like when Relador, my old knight, died. How it made me sleep for so many years, straight through the Recreance. I keep wondering, will that happen to me again?

—Sylphrena to Kaladin[1]

Relador is the Windrunner that was bonded to Sylphrena before the Recreance.[1]


Relador was a kindly, elderly man. Syl bonded him soon after she was "born" as one of the first honorspren created by the Stormfather.[2] Due to his advanced age, Syl believed that he should not have been fighting in the Desolations, and he was indeed killed in his first battle.[3][1] Upon his death, his bond with Syl was broken and she experienced significant trauma, including pain and memory loss.[3] Because of her relative youth, she was not able to weather the loss of her knight; she instead felt so alone that she lost herself and began to drift until she went to "sleep".[2][1]


Due to Relador's death, Syl was not bonded when the other knights and spren soon decided to break their bonds. She was therefore the only honorspren who did not become a deadeye on the Day of Recreance.[4] Her slumber lasted around one thousand years, until she was found by the Stormfather.[2]

Although Syl actively tried to forget the pain of losing Relador, her bond with Kaladin helped restore her memories,[5] and she was able to recall bits and pieces of her former knight, including being with him in Urithiru.[3] She realized that she could draw on her difficult experience to try and help Kaladin with his depression.[3]


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