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Nation Unity of UrDail
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)

My name is Alanik of the UrDail. I'm a pilot and messenger from the planet… From the planet ReDawn.

Spensa pretending to be Alanik[1]

ReDawn is the homeworld of the UrDail.[1]

Very little is known about it. The atmosphere is breathable for humans, although it has a distinct smell, both floral and acrid.[2] The entire world is ruled by a single government, the Unity of UrDail, a client state, but not a member, of the Superiority. It seems to have no singular leader, but rather a group of UrDail making decisions as a collective.[3] Cytonics are extremely rare there, with Alanik being the only citizen with the ability.[2]

During the Third Human War, ReDawn was allied with humanity, though in the current times, this period is called an occupation by the Unity.[2] As a result, some of the locals speak fluent Mandarin and English, and the native language has come to resemble the latter.[4][2] It has also raised some doubts within the Superiority as to whether the UrDail were fit to join them.[4]


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