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Abilities Brute
Residence The Village
Ethnicity Terris
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Shadows of Self

Razal is a Terrisman who lives in the Village in Elendel.[1]

Razal does not have the elongated features that are associated with the Terris of pre-catacendre Scadrial, however, he may have the height or darker skin coloring that has been passed down from the Terris Originators.[1]

He is a Ferring, with the powers of a Brute - the ability to Feruchemically charging pewter metalminds, which he can then later tap to increase his physical strength. He is in charge of two other Brute guards and the three are responsible for removing trespassers from the Village. He is a stubborn person - an attribute that is likely an aid in his duties as guard. However, despite his stubborn nature he is still respectful of Terris leadership and customs. He does not recognize Wax as being Terris from his appearance, however, has heard of him before and is aware that he is Vwafendal's grandson.[1]

Razal confronts Wax when he entered the Village to speak with his grandmother about the death of Lord Winsting and his associates, attempting to force Wax to leave. Vwafendal interrupted the confrontation and advised that Wax could freely enter the Village due to his Terris heritage.[1]


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