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Ranger Flight
Headquarters Alta Base (formerly), Platform Prime
Type DDF flight
World of Origin Detritus
Universe Cytoverse

Ranger Flight is a flight of DDF pilots that work as scouts. There was originally at least eight members of Ranger Flight.[1] They pilot Val-class ships, which are designed for reconnaissance, scanner avoidance, and speed.[1]


Ranger Flight joined Skyward Flight under the command of Jorgen in the battle where Hurl died, identifying enemy ships and relaying the information back to Flight Command.[1]

In the Battle of Alta Second, Ranger Flight was combined with the other scout groups.[2] Cloak reported the number of Krell ships to Admiral Ironsides, as well as confirmed that a lifebuster had been sent by the enemy. On Ironsides' order, the scouts drove the lifebuster away from the shipyard, and it changed its course to instead head towards Alta, moving faster than expected. With the other pilots occupied, Ironsides ordered the scouts to engage with the lifebuster and its defense ships. They successfully managed to destroy the lifebuster, however, in doing so, the bomb it had been carrying was dropped onto the surface of Detritus, killing Cloak along with eight other scouts.[2]

What’s the plan out here? Command said you were going to take us home. Are we finding a hole in the shield?

—Stallion to Jorgen[3]

Ranger Flight was involved in a battle against the Superiority when they tried to use a battleship to bombard Detritus. One member of their flight got stuck outside of Detritus when the shield came online, and met up with Jorgen to be hyperjumped to the other side of the shield, via a taynix.[3]

Known members[edit]


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