Ranger Flight

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Ranger Flight
Members Cloak, Underscore
Headquarters Alta Base
Type DDF flight
World Detritus
Universe Skyward Universe
Featured In Skyward

Ranger Flight is a group of DDF pilots that work as scouts. There was originally at least eight members of Ranger Flight with Cloak being Ranger Seven and Underscore being Ranger Eight.[1] The members of this Flight pilot Val-class ships which are designed for reconnaissance, scanner avoidance, and speed.[1]

Ranger Flight joined Skyward flight under the command of Jorgen in the battle where Hurl died, identifying enemy ships and relaying the information back to Flight Command.[1]

Later, in the battle for the second falling shipyard, Cloak reported the number of Krell ships to Admiral Ironsides, as well as confirmed that a lifebuster had also been sent by the enemy. On Ironsides order, the scouts drove the lifebuster away from the shipyard, and it changed its course to instead head towards Alta, moving faster than expected. With the other pilots occupied, Ironsides ordered the scouts to engage with the lifebuster and its defense ships. They successfully managed to destroy the lifebuster, however, in doing so, the bomb it had been carrying was dropped onto the surface of Detritus, killing Cloak along with eight other scouts.[2]


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