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World of Origin Nalthis
Universe Cosmere

Rambleman is the name given to some traveling merchants and peddlers on Nalthis.[1] They are more than simple traveling jugglers or storytellers, as they specialize in bringing news (for a price) and stories alongside their goods and services.[2]

Siri seems to have frequently listened to stories from ramblemen in her youth. She had various notions of Hallandren that were affected by these tales; she thought of it as a tropical, colorful land, but also a place of death with walls built of skulls painted in obscene splotches of color.[3][1] She also heard tales of other grandiose cities and interesting terrain in distant countries such as Xaka and Hudres, although Hallandren was the only locale that was said to have a verdant jungle.[4][5] The stories told by the ramblemen make her appreciate her small-town life in Idris.[4] After arriving in Hallandren, Siri realized that the stories of the ramblemen were heavily embellished.[1]


  • Brandon cites "rambleman" as an example of an intriguing term in his novels that is not explicitly explored in the text, allowing the reader to do their own mental worldbuilding.[2]


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