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Children Talik[1]
Abilities Dustbringer
Groups Knights Radiant (Dustbringers)
Residence Relu-na
Nationality Reshi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Ral-na is the king of those who reside on Relu-na, an island on the Reshi sea.[1][2] He is also a Dustbringer and is bonded to an ashspren.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Ral-na has dark eyes and gray hair. He prefers to wear large robes.[1][2]

Before transitioning, he appeared as an old woman.[2] After transitioning, he is a short man with strong pectoral muscles. Designated female at birth, his bond with an ashspren allowed him to heal his body to match his true gender.[1][3]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]


Ral-na is the king of Relu-na, which is a greatshell the size of an island. He resides at the top of the island, near the head of the greatshell.[2]

As the king, anyone who wants to join the island permanently has to give everything they own to him. He also negotiates trade deals for the people, but uses his son Talik as an intermediary and an interpreter. He supervises the feeding of Relu-na, who is worshipped by his subjects.[2]


Ral-na has formed a Nahel Bond with an ashspren, which grants him the ability to Surgebind. When he formed the bond, his body healed to match his gender identity.[1]

He is a member of the order of Dustbringers. As a result of that, he has the surges of Division and Abrasion.[1]


Rysn came with Vstim to negotiate a trade deal with people of Relu-na. Because of Vstim's sickness, Rysn was sent to negotiate with the king. Ral-na observed Rysn trying to negotiate the deal with Talik. He spoke only Reshi language and used Talik as an interpreter. He was impressed by the fierceness of the argument made by Rysn to Talik. He gave her a chance to present an argument to him for a trade, but ultimately told her that the trade could not continue. He informed Rysn that Vstim had gained his respect by slaying a coracot with some of his hunters. Since Rysn had not earned the same level of respect, he did not want to negotiate with her. When Rysn climbed down the feeding rope to appeal directly to Relu-na, Ral-na commanded her to return because of a concern for her safety.[2]

Ral-na bonded with an ashspren and took Radiant oaths. As a result of taking those oaths, his body healed to match his gender identity. At first, his subjects believed it was a divine gift, but later concluded that it had something to do with his bond with his spren.[1][3]

Ral-na was part of a Reshi delegation to Urithiru to negotiate with Dalinar. One of the purposes of the journey was to find more about his radiant bond. Lopen advised his son Talik to talk to Dalinar, but nobody else about the Radiant bond.[1]


Ral-na is well respected by his subjects. They used the correct gender for him even before his transition.[2]

Raln-na had a consort, called king's consort by his subjects. He is one of Talik's parents. He often asks Talik to negotiate deals in his place. Talik also acts as his interpreter when speaking to a foreigner.[1][2]


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