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Died Battle at Tower Tree[1]
Abilities Cytonics
Species UrDail
World ReDawn
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)
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Quilan is an UrDail cytonic from the planet ReDawn. He is aligned with and works for the Unity faction in ReDawn's government. He can't teleport, but is proficient with concussion bolts.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Alanik: "I thought this didn't have to get aggressive. He was going to come with you. "
Quilan: "We welcome your cooperation. "

―Conversation after Quilan attacked Rinakin[2]

Quilan is a few seasons older than Alanik, making him the UrDail cytonic closest to Alanik's age.[3] He cloaks his words and demands in diplomacy and tends to speak calmly, but is willing to use physical force to achieve his goals. Fearing the Superiority's power, he is willing to devote a large number of Unity forces to capturing rebels and turning them over to the Superiority.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Quilan's cytonic abilities include telepathy, mindblades and concussion bolts, although he cannot teleport.


Quilan contacted Alanik cytonically after the game between Independence and Unity pilots, telling her to report to the Council chambers. Alanik refused, but after a conversation with Rinakin they docked their ship at Quilan's orders. When Rinakin attempted to speak diplomatically with him, Quilan shot a concussion bolt at him. Communicating telepathically, Alanik learned that Quilan planned to turn her and Rinakin over to the Superiority in order to prove his worth to them. She managed to escape by hyperjumping to Detritus, to Quilan's displeasure.[4]

Quilan was still trying to pacify the Superiority, but he had a storm in a bottle, and any moment the glass might break. He was holding them off for now, but if they grew tired of waiting we were going to pay the price.


When Alanik returned to ReDawn along with members of Skyward Flight, Quilan commanded the offense against them and told the pilots to bring Alanik in alive. He sensed the cytonic powers of Jorgen and the taynix and was confused by it, contacting Jorgen telepathically but receiving no response.[6] He then chased after Alanik and attacked her ship with mindblades, which she dodged, but he successfully hit her with a concussion bolt, forcing her to crash-land on the platform.[7] Quilan and his Unity forces retreated to regroup after this battle, as they had no teleportation abilities and could not approach the platform without being fired on by the autoturrets.[8]

During the battle between the DDF and Independence versus Unity forces at Tower, Jorgen used Boomslug to fire mindblades at Quilan's forces. Quilan called upon the other Unity cytonics to create areas where cytonic powers were inhibited in order to stall until the Superiority could arrive to retrieve Alanik, Rinakin, and the human allies.[1] When Alanik went to rescue Rinakin, she realized that the man Unity has been presenting to the public as Rinakin is actually a dione in disguise, and Quilan had imprisoned the true Rinakin.[9] Quilan attempted to shoot Alanik down, but she killed him at the same time as Skyward Flight shot down another cytonic and turned the tide of the battle.[1]



I dug my nails harder into the armrest. His words made me want to scream. There was nothing quite so frustrating as soft words being wielded like clubs. At least a straightforward attack was honest; everyone could see it for what it was.


Quilan and Alanik are close in age and flew in the junior leagues together.[4] They are now rivals, as Alanik is part of the Independence party while Quilan is a member of Unity. Quilan's tendency to hide his threats behind diplomacy angers Alanik, who wishes he was more direct. Alanik considers herself a better pilot than Quilan, which she demonstrates by winning their fight to the death during the battle at the Tower tree. She does not regret his death, but she does wish he could have been persuaded to change sides.[10]


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