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Lopen's family
Relatives Lopen
Abilities Windrunner[1]
Groups Knights Radiant (Windrunner)
Roion army (former), Bridge Four, Kholin army
Ethnicity Herdazian
Nationality Herdazian
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Words of Radiance

Punio is a Herdazian member of Bridge Four. He is a Windrunner and one of Lopen's many cousins on Roshar.[2][1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is bald and muscular, and has the appearance of a fighter. He has tan skin and is identifiably Herdazian.[2]

Punio shares Lopen's laid-back attitude,[2] although he was envious that his cousin bonded a spren before he did.[1] Punio is kind and cares greatly for his family.[3] He enjoys going out drinking and dancing.[1][4]

Punio is close with his cousins and fellow Radiants, Lopen and Huio. He once bet three clearchips that Lopen couldn't eat 12 chouta wraps in under two hours.[5] However, Lopen sometimes makes jokes at Punio's expense, such as mocking his hairstyling routine, and Punio has privately complained about Lopen's jokes to Huio.[4][6]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Punio speaks broken Alethi.[7] He is married.[7]

Punio is a Knight Radiant, a Windrunner of at least the First Ideal.[1] As long as he has access to Stormlight, he is able to heal himself. Through Surgebinding, he has the power of flight and several other abilities known as Lashings.[7][8]


Punio was a member of Roion's army at the Shattered Plains and lived in his warcamp. After Bridge Four gained prominence in the Kholin army, Punio heard Lopen's mother say that they needed more guards. He decided to join them after returning from his annual furlough to Herdaz. Kaladin encountered him in the Bridge Four barrack and was not pleased to hear that he deserted his assignment, but Lopen and Punio argued that Roion would not miss him since nobody could tell Herdazians apart anyway. Kaladin thought he looked like a competent soldier and grudgingly allowed him to stay, telling him to pretend that he was always a bridgeman.[2] Kaladin saw Punio again when more of Lopen's cousins, Rod and Huio, showed up in the barrack.[9] Punio's wife sometimes brought food to the Kholin warcamp, although he initially told people she was his sister in order to fit in with the bachelors of Bridge Four.[7]

After Kaladin began acquiring Radiant squires, Punio was cited as one of the few non-original members of Bridge Four that was initially able to breathe in Stormlight.[10]

Punio bonded an unknown honorspren and became a Windrunner weeks after Lopen did, shortly after the Battle of Thaylen Field.[11][1] When he began earning a stipend as a Radiant, he sent most of it to his family to help out the poorer cousins, and a large portion went to Rod's family.[3]


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