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Profession Porter
Nationality Thaylen
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Plamry is a Thaylen man on Roshar that worked with Nikli as a porter to Rysn.


Plamry did not seem to be present when Nikli first appeared in Urithiru[1] and was presumably hired to serve as Nikli's assistant porter shortly before the Wandersail departed on the expedition to Akinah in 1174.[2][3]

When Nikli was discovered by Rysn to have been working against the voyage, Plamry was also under suspicion and taken captive by Kstled. Despite Nikli's insistence that Plamry was not aware of its plan, Lopen and Huio flew both of them to the main island of Aimia, chained them up, and left them with food and water, so that the Wandersail could continue its mission.[3]

Plamry was indeed ignorant of Nikli's true goals and its nature as a Sleepless. Nikli presumably used its abilities to escape from Aimia, and Plamry's mental state after seeing hordelings in action is unclear. He was recovered from Aimia after the mission to explore Akinah had been completed.[4]


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