Phone Company

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Phone Company
Universe Skyward Universe
Featured In Defending Elysium

The Phone Company, commonly referred to as the PC, was a corporate entity responsible for developing human cytonics.[1]


In the year 2071 a failing phone company called Northern Bell Incorporated invested in developing Cyto, a cybernetic-based telepathic linking. The few signals that they managed to get through the system attracted the attention of the Tenasi. When the United Governments Military accidentally shot down the Tenasi ambassadorial ship, the PC brokered the Tenasi Agreement in exchange for complete autonomy and a monopoly on FTL technology. They were the only group of humanity with Psionic technology, and the defacto controllers of access to it.

Though the Superiority keeps humans contained and Earth has vanished,[2][3] they managed to maintain their existence through the Human Wars.[4]


Members included Jason and Lanna Write.


They are planned to have cameos in the Skyward series.[4]


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