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Peter Orullian is a novelist and musician. He is the coauthor of Brandon Sanderson's planned novel Songs of the Dead.[1]

In 2010, Brandon mentioned wanting to read the first book in Peter's Vault of Heaven epic fantasy series, titled The Unremembered.[2] He also read the second book in the series, Trial of Intentions, after it was published in 2015.[3]


Brandon had been sitting on an idea for a necromancer novel for many years. He changed the protagonist from a pizza delivery man to a heavy metal singer and decided to bring in a coauthor, and he immediately thought of Peter, who is also a heavy metal musician and has toured internationally.[4] Brandon completed the outline and worldbuilding, while Peter wrote the first draft and developed the characters.[5] The coauthored novel, which is tentatively titled Songs of the Dead, is in the revision process as of the end of 2019.[1]

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