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Paul Tanasin
Parents Lin Yang-Tanasin, Zoran Tanasin
Siblings Nikka
Abilities Dark One
Homeworld Earth (Dark One)
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I know what kind of beast I am now. Why would I let it out?

—Paul to Nikka[1]

Paul Tanasin is seventeen year old from New York City.[2] He later becomes the Dark One in Mirandus.[1]

Appearance and Personality


Paul is a tall, slightly tanned, skinny young adult. He has short dark brown, bordering on black, hair.[2] Paul has brown eyes, however they turn red when he is wielding the power of the Dark One.[3]


Paul is a lonely person, who fears he will cause harm to others around him.[2] After accepting himself as the Dark One, he lets go of the restrictions he placed upon himself and fights back against the light to protect the drull he now cares for.[3]

Once the light is defeated, Paul vows to protect and love the drull, taking after his attorney mother, who tries to defend and protect people accused of the worst crimes.[3]

Attributes and Abilities

Dark One

Paul is the latest Dark One and has the power to bind souls to the soulless. Paul does this instinctively at first, binding Nikka before she would be killed by a mine, and binding Sir Ysla to the sword the knight used to wield before his untimely demise. Paul is the first Dark One to emerge victorious over the light, affecting the Narrative in ways that have never occurred before.[3]

Combat Skills

Paul has no combat experience prior to facing off against Evermouths with Feotora on Mirandus. However, Sir Ysla's soul is bound to the sword after Paul killed him and is therefore very good at killing, due to the hatred the knight has for Paul. This makes it easier for Paul to defeat any creature or person he faces.[4][3]




As a child, Paul and his sister, Nikka, were inseparable. Paul would look after his younger sister, and play games with her. After the death of their father, Zoran Tanasin, they soon forgot they had a father. One day, the two of them snuck into their father's office, and found a portal to Mirandus. Going through, they found a place where they felt comfortable and could have fun. Nikka accidently stepped on a mine and Paul, acting instinctively, used the power of the Dark One to kill and bind her soul to the necklace she was wearing. Sometime after this, Paul started to forget he ever had a sister.[1]

Young Adult


Prior to the meeting with Dr. Marcus, Paul moved out of his home after making a deal with his mother to see the doctor in exchange for getting his own place. During an emergency session with Dr. Marcus after a panic attack in a cafe, Paul was attacked by a knight, Sir Ysla, who Paul killed using his newfound power. In the process of killing the knight, Paul was transported to Mirandus.[2]

The Truth

After arriving on Mirandus, Paul met Feotora, who started to lead Paul back to the Kingdoms of Light once he managed to convince her that he was not a drull. They fought off a pack of Evermouths that were following them, and faced off against a group of drull before Feotora and the drull realized that Paul was the Dark One. Surviving a fight with Feotora, the drull confirmed Paul as the Dark One while Feotora fled back to the Kingdoms of Light alone.[4]

One of the drull, Rastik, after convincing Paul of the need, led Paul to Pitch, the Black City. In the Dark Keep, Rastik showed Paul to the Well of Sorrows and encouraged him to drink from it, and full take up the mantle of the Dark One. Just prior to Paul drinking from the well, Nikka showed Paul memories from their childhood involving their father's death, and how they discovered Mirandus for the first time. After reliving these memories, Paul drank from the well.[1]

Dark One

After drinking from the well, Rastik led Paul to his armor and then offered himself up for Paul to draw power from. Paul killed Rastik to activate the Ironkeepers to face the army of the light that had started attacking the city. Paul entered the battle and after almost being killed, defeated Kraisis, using his soul to raise more drull to fight for the dark. Feotora then insisted on fighting Paul, but was wounded and called a retreat of the light's army. After the battle, Paul spoke to the drull and promised to protect and care for them. After leaving the drull behind for some time alone, Paul was magically pulled to a courtroom on Earth. Here he was taken into custody by police who believed him to have been holding Lin Yang-Tanasin and the other people in the room hostage. He was dragged from the courtroom, powerless.[3]



As children, Nikka and Paul are inseparable. Paul looks after Nikka and does everything with her. Paul binds Nikka's soul to the necklace she is wearing to try to save her when she steps on a mine on Mirandus.[1] While bound, Nikka is still Paul's only friend, and the ghost of her still hangs out with him all the time, offering support and advice when he needs it.[2]


Despite their first encounter almost being a fight, Feotora and Paul develop a close bond in a short amount of time. Feotora feels close to Paul after sharing stories about her childhood, and feels betrayed when she discovers he is the Dark One she has been looking for.[4] In the battle between the armies of the light and dark, Paul almost convinces Feotora to join him; however, he ultimately fails and she tries and fails to kill him.[3]


  • Paul was originally going to be from a separate island on Mirandus, before it was decided he would come from Earth.[5]
  • When Paul becomes the Dark One and accepts it, the speech bubbles in the graphic novel switch to red text on black background.[3]


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