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Residence Weathering
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

Pars the Deadman was a murderer who was caught by Waxillium Ladrian in Weathering.[1]


Pars is apparently a worthy opponent for Wax, difficult enough to capture that he was heralded as one of Wax's greatest catches.[1] It seems that he began playing a sort of antagonistic mind game with Wax, killing people like Old Burlow's daughter and leaving them where he knew that Wax would find them.


Life and CaptureEdit

Pars was originally a butcher in Elendel.[1] He started out his career as a murderer in Elendel, killing beggars. When he was caught, Pars escaped to Weathering in the Roughs. Wax was alerted to his presence and managed to track him down sometime within the previous five years. It was a difficult capture; Wax spent many anxious and sleepless nights trying to catch Pars, with the help of Miles Dagouter. Old Burlow's daughter is the one of Pars' victims that is known, he killed her and left her body in the center of Weathering for Wax to find.


The case of Pars was one of many that disillusioned Miles about Elendel.[1] He felt that the city should have sent men to help Wax track down Pars. He believed that this proved that the corrupt citizens of Elendel didn't really care about the Roughs at all.


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