Pact of the Seven Peaks

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Pact of the Seven Peaks
Participants Unkalaki, unknown party or parties
Region The Horneater Peaks
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere

The pact of the Seven Peaks is an ancient treaty on Roshar. It involves the Unkalaki and one or more unknown parties that they refer to as gods.[1]


The pact of the Seven Peaks has only been mentioned by Cord while talking to Nikli, one of the Sleepless. When Cord believed her life to be in danger, she told Nikli that she was the daughter of Lunamor, the Fal’ala’liki’nor who drew the Bow of Hours, and that her status afforded her protection from the gods under the pact. Nikli had no idea what she was talking about, and Cord admitted to Rysn that the ancient pacts had involved different gods and not the Sleepless.[1]


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The Unkalaki, the historic residents of the Horneater Peaks, are the only confirmed participants in the pact. The treaty is one of multiple ancient pacts that involved the Unkalaki and their gods.[1] Determining the other party or parties to these pacts is complicated by the fact that the Unkalaki refer to a wide range of beings as "gods", including spren, Unmade, Hoid, and other worldhoppers.[2][3][4] The Sleepless are the only Unkalaki gods that have been ruled out of involvement in the pacts.[1]

Lunamor related a story to Bridge Four in which "long ago" the tana'kai of the Unkalaki approached the three strongest gods on Roshar seeking a place to settle, ultimately striking bargains that resulted in the creation of the Horneater Oceans and the unique climate of the Peaks.[5] Elements of Lunamor's story align with Cord's description of the pact of the Seven Peaks, but this connection has not been confirmed.


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