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Relatives Ealstan
Died Shot by Ulric Stromfin
Profession Guard
Residence Stenford
World Earth (Frugal Wizard)
Featured In The Frugal Wizard's Handbook for Surviving Medieval England

I am growing old, aelv. I was too slow and weak to protect Oswald or the skop's brother.

Oswald is Ealstan's nephew and a guard in Stenford.[1][2] He is a very good-natured, cheerful, and respectful young man.[2][3][4]

Oswald manned a wooden watchtower in Stenford and came down to close the gate after Ulric Stromfin and Quinn Jericho arrived.[2] He then took an axe and shield and went to guard the door to the manor.[3] He was killed when Ulric shot him with a modern gun in order to prove to Ealstan that he could kill whomever he chose.[4] Rowena arranged for Oswald's burial and spoke with his mother and with Hairud to tell them of his passing and of his heroism.[5]


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