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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
His people had once ruled Alethkar. What did he think of this?
Adolin thinking of Teleb[1]

The Oldblood are a group of people on Roshar who once ruled Alethkar.

Known Oldbloods[edit]


Physically, they look like ordinary Alethi. However, if they wish to acknowledge that they are Oldbloods, they give themselves blue tattoos that cover their faces.[3]


Before the Lighteyes took power, the Oldbloods ruled Alethkar. Little is known about how they ruled, other than that it was many years ago. Almost all power has been taken from then and they are now no longer a threat to the current monarchy. They have light colored eyes, so they are admitted into the ruling class, but they don't have any more authority than any other Lighteyes.

Years ago Alethkar was ruled by a different group of people. A different, like, dynasty. It's been overturned and it's been a long enough time that they're not really a threat. But to acknowledge they're an Oldblood, they wear the tattoo that means, "We used to rule this place." And so, it's just a lineage of people in a dynasty that used to be the kings of Alethkar.
— Someone asked Brandon who the Oldbloods were[3]


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