Ocean of Origins

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Ocean of Origins
Map OceanofOrigins.png
Type Sea
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere

The Ocean of Origins is a body of water east of the main continent on Roshar, towards the Origin.[1]

The shores of the Ocean of Origins are sparsely populated, with the cities of New Natanan and Dawn's Shadow being the only notable settlements.[1] This is likely because highstorms make landfall there, and as such hit that coast with the greatest force.[2] To the East, the Ocean of Origins presumably connects to the Endless Ocean on the opposite side of the planet, while from North and South, it's bracketed by Steamwater Ocean and Southern Depths.[1]

The Origin of Storms, where the highstorms originate, lies at the far end of the Ocean of Origins. There are multiple legends talking about there being an inhabited island there, populated by people called Uvara in some versions of the story.[3] The version told in New Natanan says that they are sailors who were lost while travelling the Ocean of Origins and that one day, they will come back to reclaim Natanatan.[4]


Dalinar sailed across the Ocean of Origins when taking his forces to the conflict that would become the War of Reckoning.[5] Several years later, Shallan and Jasnah plan to sail through it all the way to New Natanan, but their ship is destroyed before reaching it.[6] After the arrival of the Everstorm, it and the highstorms often clash over either Ocean of Origins or Endless Ocean.[7]


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