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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Stormlight Archive
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A Nuatoma is a leader of an Unkalaki family clan on Roshar. Rock describes them as Horneater equivalent of an Alethi Brightlord. The relatives of a nuatoma are his servants. [1]

The specifics of the title like the method of succession and the areas of responsibility of a nuatoma are mostly unknown so far.

Rock implied in a conversation about his people that there is at least one nuatoma for each of the Horneater Peaks and the different peaks might go to war with each other under the leadership of their respective nuatomas.

The nuatoma, they see our lack of Shards as a great shame. They want these weapons very badly. It is believed that the nuatoma who first obtains a Shardblade would become king, a thing we have not had for many years. No peak would fight another peak where a man held one of the blessed Blades.
Rock to Kaladin and Teft[1]

Notable Nuatoma[edit]


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