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Related to Unkalaki
World of Origin Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Many of our nuatoma--this thing, it is the same as your lighteyes, only their eyes are not light--

A nuatoma is a leader of an Unkalaki clan on Roshar. They are a type of noble, the Horneater equivalent of an Alethi Brightlord.[1]

Social Status[edit]

It is not clear how an individual becomes nuatoma, although both birth order and heritage are major factors in Unkalaki social standing.[2][3] Since all Unkalaki are darkeyed, eye color is not a consideration.[1] The relatives of a nuatoma act as their guards and servants, often performing multiple jobs.[1][3] It is implied that a nuatoma leads each of the Horneater Peaks. There are occasional skirmishes between peaks, presumably led by the nuatoma.[1]

When Lunamor sees Phendorana, who has obvious importance among honorspren, he asks Syl if Phendorana is like an honorspren nuatoma; because Syl can remember Phendorana berating her for wanting to seek Kaladin, she agrees.[3]

Quest for Shards[edit]

The nuatoma, they see our lack of Shards as a great shame. They want these weapons very badly.

The lack of Shards among the Unkalaki is a source of embarrassment for the nuatoma, and many have traveled to Vedenar or Alethkar offering significant financial incentives in exchange for the chance to duel a Shardbearer and win a Shard.[1][3] They believe that the first nuatoma to win a Shardblade would gain sufficient power to become the first tana'kai—similar to a king[4]—in many years. Either the respect for a Shardbearer or the fear of an easy defeat would keep the other peaks from skirmishing with a nuatoma who holds a Shard.[1]

All of the nuatoma who have challenged Alethi Shardbearers have been killed.[1] Kef'ha, Lunamor's nuatoma, chooses to duel Torol Sadeas, believing that it will be easier to win against someone who only possesses Shardplate first, and then to challenge someone else for their Blade afterwards. He believes that his relatives will simply become servants of House Sadeas if he dies. However, sometime in early 1173, Sadeas kills Kef'ha without a proper duel and then kills some of his family members who protest before seizing their property anyway.[3] Sadeas does not know what to do with the surviving Horneaters, but he makes soldiers or servants out of most of them. Lunamor briefly serves as his cook, but he puts chull dung in Sadeas' food, earning him an assignment to the bridge crews.[1]

After Cord receives her Shardplate, Lunamor finds it remarkable that their nation's first Shardbearer is not a nuatoma, but a young woman.[5]

Notable Nuatoma[edit]


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