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Profession DDF pilots
Homeworld Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
First Appeared Skyward
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Callsign Nose is flight leader of Nightmare Flight. The other members are Nord, Bog, Sushi, Jager, and Tunestone.[1][2]

As part of their training, Skyward Flight were paired with Nightmare Flight for a routine debris tagging mission. During the exercise, Nose paired Sushi and Nord with Jorgen, and Bog and Tunestone with Spensa and FM, instructing them to demonstrate ship maneuvers for the cadets. After witnessing Spensa and FM's light-lancing skills, Nose offered them both positions in Nightmare Flight. When Jorgen, FM, and Spensa attracted the attention of the Krell, Nose tried to pair the cadets with members of Nightmare Flight. However, Jorgen intervened, asking for Skyward Flight to remain together. Nose granted the request then instructed the pilots to watch for Lifebusters and remain evasive until Riptide Flight could arrive to reinforce them.[1][3]

Later, Nightmare Flight participated in the Second Battle of Alta.[4]


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