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|image=Nohadon Concept.jpg
|image=Nohadon Concept.jpg
|abilities={{tag|Surgebinder|cat=Surgebinders}}{{book ref|sa1|59}}
|<!-- nation=Alethela -->
|<!-- nation=Alethela -->
|titles=King <!-- of Alethela -->
|titles=King <!-- of Alethela -->

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Nohadon Concept.jpg
Died Unknown
Abilities Surgebinder[1]
Titles King
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Nohadon was the author of The Way of Kings,[2] the book that Gavilar and Dalinar read and which was of great importance for both of them. Nohadon was also called Bajerden by some.[3]

Dalinar learned from The Way of Kings that Nohadon once had been king of the country that became Alethkar.[4]

In one of his visions Dalinar found himself as Karm, advisor of a king living in ancient Kholinar during the aftermaths of a Desolation. This king was described having dark hair that was pulled back into a braid, and wearing a short, pointed beard. Other than in his former visions Dalinar didn't see Knights Radiant this time and he mused that they didn't yet exist.[5] Dalinar was sure that this man was Nohadon himself at young age.[6]

Nohadon was also known to Jasnah[7] and Shallan,[8] and likely to Teft's mother and the Envisagers.[1]


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