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World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Of course I'm certain. Would I bother coming here if I weren’t serious? Honestly. You people should allow my steward to make these arrangements. That’s what stewards are for, after all.

—Nikolin to Edwarn Ladrian.[1]

Nikolin is a wealthy patron of the First Central Bank on Scadrial. He has a very good credit history and has never missed a payment.[1]


In around 311 PC, when Waxillium Ladrian was twelve years old, his uncle Edwarn brought him to the First Central Bank to teach him about banking. Edwarn and Wax observed two men seeking loans, Nikolin and a poor man named Jendel. Nikolin had come seeking a loan to finance the purchase of a new boat, while Jendel was seeking a loan so he could lift himself and his family out of the slums and into the middle class. Edwarn told Wax that most banks would only lend money to Nikolin. However, he had instituted a policy wherein the First Central Bank would loan money to riskier debtors, but with unfavorable loan terms such as extremely high interest rates and potential wage garnishment. Edwarn had also marketed aggressively to people that would not normally qualify for a loan. Edwarn and his colleagues had effectively invented subprime lending in Elendel.[1]


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