Nightmare Flight

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Nightmare Flight
Leader Nose
Headquarters Alta Base (formerly), Platform Prime
Type DDF flight
World of Origin Detritus
Universe Cytoverse

Nightmare Flight is a group of DDF pilots. Callsign: Nose is flight leader of Nightmare Flight.[1] The Flight graduated in the class prior to Skyward Flight.[2] At least one of the Flight members flies a Poco.[3]


Nightmare Flight were on rest and relaxation down in the deep caverns when Skyward Flight was first called into duty, they later relieved Skyward Flight after they acted as decoy reinforcements.[2]

As part of their training, Skyward Flight was paired with Nightmare Flight for a routine debris tagging mission. During that time, Spensa and FM were offered positions on Nightmare Flight by Nose after he witnessed their skill with light-lances.[1] Afterwards, the group was attacked by the Krell and meant to receive reinforcement from Riptide Flight. Before those arrived, however, Spensa was shot down, forcing her to eject and avoid crashing.[1][3]

Later, Nightmare Flight participated in the Second Battle of Alta.[4]

Known MembersEdit


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