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New Empire
World Scadrial
Featured In Mistborn trilogy

The New Empire was founded by Elend Venture after the collapse of the Final Empire on Scadrial

After the Collapse, Elend was crowned to rule over the Central Dominance. He created a constitution with the aim to give the skaa workers a chance to get involved in politics. The Assembly consisted of 24 members, including 8 skaa, 8 nobles (including the king) and 8 tradesmen.

The assmebly was abolished after the Siege of Luthadel. Henceforward the New Empire was a monarchy under King Venture and his wife Vin.

Up until the year of the Final Ascension, the New Empire gathered an army of over fifty thousand soldiers. The army of the New Empire was known for its well trained warriors. The last year of its existance was affected by battles against Ruin's Koloss armies and natural disasters.

In the course of the time each inner Dominance fell under the reign of the New Empire. However its capital, Luthadel fell victim to revolts and a House War.Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; refs with no name must have content The survivors escaped from the natural disasters into the cache of Luthadel or into the Pits of Hathsin.

During the Battle for Scadrial, both Elend and Vin Venture died.


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New Empire
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