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New Empire
Capital Luthadel
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

The New Empire follows the Final Empire on Scadrial after the death of the Lord Ruler and the Collapse.


After the Collapse, when Elend Venture is crowned to rule over the Central Dominance, he establishes the New Empire.



Following his ideas of a fair government Elend creates a constitution with the aim of giving the skaa a chance to get involved in politics. This parliament is called the Assembly. It consists of 24 members, including 8 skaa workers, 8 nobles (including the king) and 8 tradesmen.

The Assembly During the Siege of Luthadel

When King Straff Venture brings his army to Luthadel to retake the city from his son Elend, the Assembly becomes a threat to Elend's ability to function as king. Taking into consideration the coming winter, the scarcity of food and wood/oil to heat the tenements and, before all, the fact that there are only twenty thousand, mostly untrained, of their soldiers in the city, the Assembly wants to give the city to Straff. With effort, Elend is able to convince the majority of the Assembly to give him time to set up a meeting with his father. Elend is sure that Straff won't attack the city. Then a second army comes to Luthadel, headed by another King, Ashweather Cett, making the Assembly even more nervous. Cett makes his way into the city and is allowed to take residence in one of the abandoned Noble's Keeps. Now two armies besiege Luthadel.

When a third army -- an army of twenty thousand Koloss, led by King Jastes Lekal -- arrives, Elend still tries to convince the Assembly to stay with diplomatic efforts, avoiding a battle that would be desperate and cost a lot of lives.

When a meeting with Straff is finally arranged, the Assembly schedules a meeting at the same time, knowing that Elend couldn't participate and -- in his absence -- depose him, appointing Lord Penrod as new king. They then decide to accept Straff as their emperor, although he would never get the city.

Members of the Assembly

The Assembly was only twenty-four men, but getting them to agree on anything was almost more challenging than any of the problems they argued about.

—Elend's thoughts[1]

There were twenty-four members, split into three eights, representing the Nobility, the merchant class, and the newly-freed skaa population. The named members include the following.

Skaa workers

After the Battle

The Assembly is abolished after the Battle of Luthadel. Henceforward the New Empire is a monarchy under Emperor Elend Venture and Vin. King Penrod is left as regional leader of Luthadel, along with Janarle as leader of the Northern Dominance and Ashweather Cett as king of the Western Dominance, although his seat was usurped by Aradan Yomen.

Further Events in the New Empire

By the year of the Final Ascension, the New Empire has an army of over fifty thousand soldiers. The army of the New Empire is known for its well trained warriors.[citation needed] The last year of its existence is affected by battles against Ruin's Koloss armies and natural disasters.

In the course of time, each inner Dominance comes under the reign of the New Empire. However, its capital, Luthadel falls victim to revolts and a House War.[2] The survivors escape from the natural disasters into the cache of Luthadel or into the Pits of Hathsin.

During the Battle of Hathsin, both Elend and Vin die.


History of Scadrial
The Siege of Fadrex City New Empire The Final Ascension
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