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New Bridge

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New Bridge
Usage Bridge
Region Forests of Hell
World Threnody
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Shadows for Silence
When the light was better, you could still pick out timbers from the New Bridge down in the chasm below, representing the promises of the forts and their gifts, which always looked pretty but frayed before long.
Silence Montane's thoughts on the ruins of the New Bridge[1]

New Bridge is a bridge that was built to replace the Old Bridge in the Forests of Hell.[1]


Before the New Bridge was constructed, the Old Bridge already crossed the chasm in the Forests of Hell.[1] After many years of use, the Old Bridge had become decrepit. The fortfolk took down the Old Bridge and replaced it with the New Bridge. After an unknown length of time, the New Bridge collapsed into the chasm it crossed. Homesteaders from the area, including Sebruki's father, put the Old Bridge back up across the chasm. The timbers of the New Bridge are still visible at the bottom of the chasm. Silence Montane thinks that they are a symbol of the promises of the fortfolk. They look nice at first, but invariably fall through.


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