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Children Szeth, daughter
Parents Vallano
Died Killed by Ishar[1]
Abilities Shardbearer
Ethnicity Shin
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The best and truest duty of a person is to add to the world. To create, and not destroy.

—Neturo-son-Vallano to Szeth, as remembered by Szeth[2]

Neturo-son-Vallano is Szeth's father and was, until his death, the bearer of Ishar's Honorblade.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Neturo-son-Vallano is a Shin man, and therefore is likely light-skinned and lacks an epicanthic fold. He believes the greatest service a man can do is to create, to add to the universe, and therefore was unhappy with being forced to kill, to subtract.[2]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

As the bearer of Ishar's Honorblade, Neturo-son-Vallano had access to the Blade itself, as well as the Surges of Tension and Adhesion. The Stormfather also believes that Ishar's current Bondsmith status is directly related to his possession of the Blade, implying that Neturo may have had access to the more esoteric, Bondsmith-specific uses of those Surges.[1]


Neturo-son-Vallano worked as a shepherd on the coast of Shinovar during Szeth's youth. There were white cliffs near their home.[2] Later, his family was given to the Honorblades, and Neturo was forced to learn how to kill.[2] At some point, he became the bearer of Ishar's Honorblade, although it is unknown if this was the first of the Blades he bore.[1]

When Szeth became Truthless, he stopped thinking of himself as "Szeth-son-Neturo" in order to not mar his father's name, even going so far as to stop thinking about Neturo entirely.[3][2]

Neturo kept Ishar's secrets, but planned to withhold his Blade from him, should Ishar come asking after it. However, Ishar claims that Neturo willingly gave up his Blade and welcomed Ishar for the chance to die. While the details are unclear, Neturo did in fact lose possession of the Honorblade and is now dead.[1][4]

When Szeth found out about his father's death at the hands of Ishar, he was shaken deeply. Upon recovering, he drew Nightblood for the first time in a year to strike at Ishar.[1]


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