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Children Szeth, daughter
Parents Vallano
Died c. Vev 1175,[1] encounter with Ishar
Abilities Shardbearer
Religion Stone Shamanism
Ethnicity Shin
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere

The best and truest duty of a person is to add to the world. To create, and not destroy.

—Neturo-son-Vallano, as remembered by Szeth[2]

Neturo-son-Vallano is a Shin man on Roshar and the father of Szeth. He was the bearer of Ishar's Honorblade until his death.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Neturo-son-Vallano is ethnically Shin, meaning he is likely lighter-skinned and shorter than other Rosharans and that his eyes lack an epicanthic fold. As an assigned guardian of an Honorblade, he is presumably a follower of Stone Shamanism.[3] He believes the greatest service a man can perform is to create, to add to the universe, and therefore was unhappy with being forced to kill, to subtract.[2]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Neturo-son-Vallano has likely trained with all of the Surges granted by the Honorblades in Shinovar's possession.[4][5] While bearing Ishar's Honorblade,[1] he presumably had access to the Surges of Tension and Adhesion and was an expert in using them. These are the same Surges used by the Radiant Order of Bondsmiths, but the Surgebinding granted by Honorblades typically differs from Surgebinding granted by a Nahel bond.[6][7] However, Szeth specifically refers to Neturo's sword as the "Bondsmith Honorblade" and the Stormfather implies that Ishar's recovery of the Honorblade was related to his apparent ability to use Bondsmith powers.[1] It is not known if Ishar's Blade can grant other users such as Neturo access to the more esoteric, Bondsmith-specific uses of the Surges.


Neturo-son-Vallano worked as a shepherd on the coast of Shinovar during Szeth's youth. There were white cliffs near their home.[2] At some point, their family was given to the Honorblades through unknown circumstances. Neturo became the bearer of Ishar's Honorblade, and was forced to learn how to kill.[1][2] Szeth trained with the Honorblades in his youth and eventually wielded Jezrien's Blade,[8][9] but it is unclear when he received his Blade as compared to Neturo.

Your father was barely a man when I found him. The Shin had accepted the Unmade. Tried to make gods of them. I saved them. And your father did give me this Blade. He thanked me for letting him die.

—Ishar, to Szeth[1]

During the True Desolation, Ishar took over Tukar and other parts of southern Roshar and waged war against the coalition of monarchs. Dalinar attempted to track Ishar down to parley, eventually finding him at a small camp near the coast.[1] Ishar revealed that he had reclaimed his Honorblade from Shinovar, stating that the Shin served the Heralds and had simply been holding the sword for him. Szeth told Ishar that Neturo-son-Vallano and the other Shin kept secrets for the Heralds, but had no plans to return the Honorblades to them. Ishar discounted this idea and told Szeth that the Shin had accepted the Unmade as their gods before he saved them. He said that he did not kill Szeth's father; rather, Neturo willingly gave up his Blade and welcomed the chance to die. Ishar's insanity casts doubt on his version of events, but Neturo did in fact lose possession of the Honorblade. Szeth did not want to believe Ishar, and was deeply shaken. Upon recovering, he drew Nightblood for the first time in a year to strike at Ishar.[1]

Prior to the encounter with Ishar, Taravangian mentioned Neturo-son-Vallano's death to Szeth, who did not take him seriously since he knew the old king was trying to manipulate him.[10] When Szeth saw Ishar with the Blade, it seemingly confirmed his father's fate.[1] Enraged, Szeth found Taravangian and demanded that he reveal how he had known that Neturo was dead. However, on that day Taravangian was too stupid to answer before Szeth killed him;[11] it remains unclear how or when Taravangian actually learned of Neturo's death.



Szeth greatly respected his father and considered him a gentle, wise man. When Szeth became Truthless, he stopped thinking of himself as "Szeth-son-Neturo" to avoid besmirching his father's name, instead using his grandfather's name; he even tried to stop thinking about Neturo entirely.[12][3][2] Neturo also had a partner and a daughter, but nothing is known about them.[2]


  • An early concept of the character that became Neturo is briefly mentioned in The Way of Kings Prime when Jek (the prototype for Szeth) notes that he is skilled in the art of stealth killing due to extensive training with his father.[13]


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