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Nation United Isles of America
World Earth (Rithmatist)

Detail the early struggle against the wild chalklings and their eventual isolation in the Tower of Nebrask.

—An essay question in Armedius Academy[1]

Nebrask is an island in the United Isles of America. It is the location of the Tower of Nebrask, which appears to be the source, or possibly the last outpost of the wild chalklings and the Forgotten. The Azteks would not speak of Nebrask, calling it an abomination.[citation needed] Nebrask is not the only portal to the chalkling world.[2]

Relationship with Rithmatists[edit]

Nebrask is where humanity defends itself from the menace of wild chalklings. The area in which the Tower is located is surrounded by the great chalk circle the size of the city, drawn on the concrete poured onto the ground and protected from rain by canopies.[3] Camps of Rithmatists are stationed outside the circle, maintaining it and containing breaches when they occur.

All Rithmatists, regardless of gender, undergo their final year of study in Nebrask,[4] where they are taught the powerful Glyph of Rending.[3] Afterward, they are required to serve for ten years at the front[5], though they may stay longer if they so choose. Actual events happening on Nebrask are shrouded in secrecy.

Andrew Nalizar is thought to have spent about two years fighting in Nebrask.[6][7]


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