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Parents Kuzodo
Ethnicity Shin
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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We are uncertain the effect this will have on the parsh. At the very least, it should deny them forms of power. Melishi is confident, but Naze-daughter-Kuzodo warns of unintended side effects.

— From drawer 30-20, fifth emerald[1]

Naze-daughter-Kuzodo is an ancient resident of Roshar who is quoted in the Urithiru gem archive.[1]

Naze warned of unintended side-effects to Melishi's plan to trap Ba-Ado-Mishram in a perfect gemstone.[1]

Naze is a contemporary of Melishi and has significant knowledge about the Voidbringers; it is highly likely that she was one of the many Knights Radiant based in Urithiru prior to the Recreance. Her name implies that she is of Shin origin.


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