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Natata Ved

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Natata Ved
Aliases Oileyes
Profession Scholar
Nationality Veden
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Natata Ved, also known as Natata Oileyes or simply Oileyes, was an ancient Veden scholar on Roshar.[1] Her nickname was given to her by her contemporaries,[1] but its meaning is unknown.

Natata lived in Jah Keved two hundred years after the death of King NanKhet and the founding of the Siln dynasty. She is best known for writing a dramatized account of NanKhet's life and death, which is the earliest source of information about him to have survived to the present day.[1]

Despite the long time passing between NanKhet's death and her work, she insisted that her research was rigorous, although Jasnah Kholin notes that modern scholarship was still in its infancy during Natata's lifetime. Oileyes is said to have had a passion for the dramatic, and took delight in describing the irony of NanKhet's final moments.[1]

“The great, but weary, NanKhet called for an accounting of all his household. He gathered them together at a grand feast, promising the delights of distant Aimia. Instead, when all were assembled, NanKhet had them executed one by one. Their bodies were burned in a grand pyre, upon which was cooked the meat for the feast that he ate alone, at a table set for two hundred.”

— From Natata Ved's account of NanKhet's life[1]


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