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Natata Ved

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Natata Ved
Aliases Oileyes
Profession Scholar
Nationality Veden
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
This page or section contains spoilers for Oathbringer!
This information has the ability to potentially ruin elements of the plot for the reader. Proceed with caution if you have not read this book.

Natata Ved, also known as Oileyes, is an ancient scholar.[1] She lived in Jah Keved several hundred years after the death of King NanKhet and the founding of the Siln dynasty.[1] The source of her nickname is unknown.

Jasnah Kholin notes that no contemporary accounts of NanKhet's rule are known to have survived to the present day; Oileyes' account is the earliest she has found in her research.[1]


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