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Profession Mistress of Rockfall
Residence Kholinar
Nationality Alethi
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Brightness Nananav is the mistress of Rockfall in Kholinar on Roshar. She is impersonated by Shallan Davar.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Nananav is a middle aged lighteyed Alethi woman with a bun of hair almost as tall as she is. She is an arrogant and talkative person. She looks down on servants and tradespeople and is generally difficult to deal with.[1]


During the period of Aesudan's negligent rule in Kholinar, Shallan was tasked with infiltrating the Cult of Moments.[2] She and her team (including Ishnah, Vathah, and Red) hatched a plot to infiltrate the Rockfall mansion to steal some food and "buy" their way into the cult.[1]

When the Everstorm hit Kholinar, it had damaged Rockfall's rugs. Nananav was very particular about the way they were to be repaired, claiming to Ishnah (who was posing as a rug merchant) that they were woven by a blind Shin man. Nananav said that she commissioned the unique rugs and that she would not have them returned even a shade off the original coloring.[1]

Shallan used Lightweaving to impersonate Nananav's voice and distract her guards. She then used an illusion to physically impersonate Nananav to gain access to her food storage. While wearing the illusion, Shallan felt herself take on aspects of Nananav's personality; she even briefly considered permanently taking her place, but was able to suppress this desire by dropping the illusion. Shallan and her team stole food and wrapped it in rugs to smuggle it out of the mansion, but Nananav noticed the theft before they could get away and sent her guards to stop them. Shallan put an illusion of Nananav's face back on and let it "melt" off, distracting the guards and horrifying the real Nananav. One of the guards managed to hit Shallan in the head with a crossbow bolt, but she recovered. Shallan ended up giving the stolen food to local beggars such as Grund to attract the attention of the Cult of Moments, rather than try to buy her way in directly.[1]


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