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Residence Lonzare
Ethnicity Darksider
Nationality Lossandin
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand

N'Teese is a guide working for Loaten in Kezare on the Dayside of Taldain

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

She has brown eyes, dark Kerztian skin, and brown hair which she wears in a ponytail. Loaten calls her one of his best people. She claims to be half Darksider, half Kerztian, and half Lossandin. She is not good at mathematics.[1]


Oh no, I'm not going to lead these fools around the city, Loaten.

—N'Teese to Loaten.[1]

N'Teese guided Khriss to Lonzare. For a ten lak fee, she brought them to see Loaten. To N'Teese's chagrin, Loaten assigned her to be Khriss' guide and translator throughout her stay in Kezare.[1] She attempted to set up meetings for Khriss with seven of the Taishin, but was unsuccessful. The next day she took them to see Lord Mastrell Kenton at the Diem.[2]

After Kenton and Khriss had a spat she took the group back to Lonzare. She brought Khriss and Baon to the Artisan conference center where they met up with Kenton,[3] and later that same day she took them to the Hall of Judgement to meet with Lady Judge Heelis. At Heelis' suggestion she brought them to meet with Nilto.[4]

After Baon left and Kenton "accepted" Khriss as a sand master, N'Teese moved into the Diem with Khriss and the two professors. Khriss sent her off to find Nilto so she can ask him to find Baon for her.[5] After assassins attacked Khriss in a restaurant, N'Teese returned, saying that Nilto was ready to meet, and the two of them ran off to meet with him. She later brought word from Nilto that he was leaving town and would not be able to search for Baon. The two of them chased after Nilto and caught him at the docks as he was boarding a ship. Khriss confronted Nilto, having figured out his true identity, Gevin. Jon Acron was revealed to be an assassin sent by Skathan, and in the ensuing fight Baon was shot. After Khriss killed Acron, N'Teese reassures her that Baon was only grazed by the bullet and that he will be fine.[6]

She went to the Diem to watch Kenton and Drile's duel.[7]


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