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Type Holiday
World of Origin Lumar
Universe Cosmere

She had always felt she was missing something at those meetings, since the alignment - from their side - looked like any other moonshadow...

—Tress' thoughts on Moonday


Moonday is a holiday on Lumar.[1]


Moonday is celebrated twice a year, every year in the Emerald sea. It occurs when the sun is directly behind the Verdant moon. During these eclipses, sermons are given to celebrate the religious holiday. The sermon's themselves would center around respecting the moons, and how the moon's themselves pertained to the meaning of life. On Diggen's Point, the sermons are held at the top of highest point of the island.[1]

Tress feels that she is missing something the Verdant Moonday's because it looks the same as any other moonshadow. She also notes that every preacher that gives a sermon disagrees or has different ideas on what the purpose of life was - even preachers from the same moonschool.[1]


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