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Parents Wzmal
Siblings Kmakra
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
Kmakra and Molinar, the true gemstones of my life.
— Excerpt from drawer 12-15, ruby, in the Urithiru gem archive[1]

Molinar is a child mentioned in one of the records in the Urithiru gem archive.[1] Since their father and sibling have Thaylen styled names, it is likely Molinar is Thaylen or part-Thaylen.

Their mother was planning to depart Urithiru and was given the opportunity to leave a message. She chose to leave a record of her family. A ruby was used to record the message, so she was likely a Dustbringer.[1]

She felt Molinar, as well as Molinars's sibling Kmakra, were the true gemstones of her life.[1]


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