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Abilities Regal
Aliases Dah
Species Singer
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

I'm not an idiot. Anymore.

—Mizthla to Raboniel[1]

Mizthla, also known as Dah, is a singer on Roshar. He wears stormform while he guards Navani during the occupation of Urithiru.[1]


Mizthla was a parshman in service to the Alethi, who referred to him by the glyph Dah for a name, prior to the Everstorm. As a singer, he took the name Mizthla and eventually came to be in service to Raboniel, accompanying her during the occupation of Urithiru. He was sometimes assigned to guard Navani, during which times he grumpily relayed a few details of his life to her.[1]

During the course of Raboniel and Navani's experiments, they called Mizthla in to help them; because the lightning from a stormform could reverse the polarity of magnets, they wanted to see if the same process would work on gemstones filled with Voidlight. Mizthla, who had melted the coils of the fabrial the previous time he had tried the experiment, waited for the others to leave the room before channeling a small amount of energy into the device and then calling them back in.[1]


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