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This is a list of all places mentioned or seen in the Mistborn series.

There is also lists for people and other terms.

A - E[edit]

A city in the east of Elendel Basin[1]
Arguois caverns
Caverns near the Kandra Homeland and the Pits of Hathsin
Enormous volcanoes created by the Lord Ruler
The capital of the Southern Dominance[2]

The home of House Hasting[3]
A city on the coast of Elendel Basin[1]
Black Lake
A large lake in the Eastern Dominance[4]
The desert area around the Final Empire

Cape Solom
The location of a ferry to the Southern Islands[5]
Carlo's Bend
a bend in the train line[6]
Central Dominance
The area around Luthadel[4]
A city in the Western Dominance[7]
Channerel Range
The range separating northwest Elendel Basin from the Roughs[1]
A city in the Western Dominance[8]
A settlement in the Eastern Dominance the location of a House Urbain keep[9]
Location of a skaa rebellion which broke out half a century ago[10]
Conventical of Seran
A building used by the Steel Ministry
Conway Canal
primary canal route into the west[11]
A city in the northern Roughs[1]
Crescent Dominance
The easternmost Dominance[4]

Dampmere Park
location in Elendel[12]
Northwestern city in Elendel Basin[1]
Mt Derytatith
One of the mountains of Terris, Sazed claimed it was the location of the Well of Ascension[13]
Demoux Promenade
the promenade running along the 4th 5th Canal in Elendel
The location of a massacre in the Final Empire's history[14]
region of governance in the Final Empire
One of the Ashmounts and a settlement in Elendel Basin
A settlement in Elendel Basin named after Dockson
Presumably a port settlement on the Irongate River in Elendel Basin
A railroad settlement near the Roughs

Eastern Dominance
Dominance east of Luthadel
Keep Elariel
Capital city of Elendel Basin[1]
Elendel Basin
A large fertile area after the Final Ascension[1]
A settlement in Elendel Basin
Keep Erikeller

F - L[edit]

Fadrex City
A city in the Eastern Dominance, it's capital after the Collapse
Faleast Range
A mountain range at the same location as one of the ashmounts
Far Dorest
Settlement in the northern Roughs
Settlement in the northern Roughs
A city in the Eastern Dominance[16]
Farmost Dominance
North western dominance
A suburban settlement of Luthadel
Location of a battle in early-Final Empire history[17]
A town in the Roughs
Field of Rebirth
A garden in the center of Elendel
Fifteenth and Ruman
A street with a precinct station[18]
Fourwell Crossroads
Final Empire
The empire of the Lord Ruler, split into Dominances

South eastern settlement in Elendel Basin
A city attacked by koloss and destroyed, leaving only 100 survivors
A noble neighbourhood in Luthadel, home to cousins of House Venture[20]

Hammondar Bay
Bay on which Elendel was port
Keep Hasting
A city with one of the Lord Ruler's canneries[22][23][24]
A garrison town in the Final Empire[25]
An urban farming community[5]

Irongate River
Main river of Elendel Basin
Ironspine Building
Largest skyscraper in Elendel
Isaeuc's Bend
Settlement in northern Roughs

Kandra Homeland
The secret nation of the kandra people in the Final Empire
A state during Classical Scadrial[26]
Pre-Ascension of the Lord Ruler city[27]
Kredik Shaw
The Lord Ruler's palace[28]
Kenton Street

Keep Lekal
Somewhere with a foundry[30]
Capital city of the Final Empire[4]
Lake Luthadel
A body of water north east of Luthadel[4]
Luth-Davn Canal
Major canal route

M - R[edit]

Madion Ways
The richest area in the First Octant[31]
A settlement in the Western Dominance[32]
Margothian district
A historical district with a distinct accent[31]
A settlement in north west Elendel Basin

New Empire
The empire of Elend Venture, after the Collapse
North Seran
A body of water in the Eastern Dominance[4]
Northern Dominance
A state in the Final Empire north of Luthadel[4]

A small town in the Central Dominance[5]
Keep Orielle
A keep in Fadrex City, setting for a ball[33]
Outer Estates
The greenbelt of Elendel[34]

Pits of Eltania
A location in the Roughs home to lots of koloss
Pits of Hathsin
A system of caves rich with atium geodes

A settlement in Elendel Basin
Remote Dominance
A very remote and unpopulated region of the Final Empire
River Channerel
The main river of the Final Empire
River Seran
A river along the edge of the Eastern Dominance
The frontier regions outside the mountains of the Elendel Basin
Ruin's Perpendicularity
A Perpendicularity located under the Pits of Hathsin

S - Z[edit]

A city in the east with a storage cavern[35]
Sea of Lennes
One of the seas bordering Elendel Basin
Sea of Yomend
One of the seas bordering Elendel Basin
Seran Range
A range of mountains in the Eastern Dominance
Keep Shezler
A keep in Mantiz[32]
skaa slum in northern Luthadel[36]
South Seran
A body of water in the Crescent Dominance
Southern Dominance
Region in the Final Empire
Southern Islands
A set of islands in the Final Empire
Square of the Survivor
The name of the execution square where Kelsier was killed
Statlin City
The location of the second cache, marked on the cache in Luthadel[37]
A settlement in Elendel Basin
A city one day away from Luthadel[38]
somewhere with supplies[39]

A settlement in Elendel Basin
A settlement in Elendel Basin
Capital of the Terris Dominance
Keep Tekiel
Tekiel Tower
The second tallest building in Elendel[40]
A nation from Classical Scadrial, subjugated by the Lord Ruler
Terris Dominance
The dominance of the Terris people in the Final Empire
Location of a massacre three centuries before, seven thousand skaa died.[41]
Capital of the Western Dominance during the Final Empire
True Madil
A settlement in the northern Roughs[34]
Lake Tyrian
A body of water surrounding Tyrian Ashmount
Tyrian Sea
A body of water in Elendel Basin

A picturesque village in the Eastern Dominance[42]
A pre-Ascension of the Lord Ruler land with a serving class which were a basis for the Terris stewards[33]
Capital of the Northern Dominance[43]

A settlement in the Final Empire with a garrison[25]
Location of Steel Ministry training[44]
Keep Venture
Largest keep in Luthadel
City with a storage cavern[35]
A settlement in Elendel Basin

A town in the Roughs[45]
Well of Ascension
The Perpendicularity of Preservation
Westbrook Lane
Location of a tavern in Urteau[46]
Western Dominance
Western province of the Final Empire
Northwesetern settlement in Elendel Basin

Yelva City
a northern city?[47]
Yomen mansion
Elendel home of Joshin Yomen


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