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Parents Nanrovah
Residence T'Telir
Nationality Hallandren
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

But when they took Misel away from me... I had to stay quiet about what had happened, had to change my arguments, or they said they'd kill her.

Misel is Nanrovah's daughter on Nalthis. Denth kidnaps her in order to use her as leverage against her father, and Nanrovah begins arguing in favor of war against Idris in the Court of Gods.[1] After her rescue, Nanrovah retracts his support of the war.[2]


Misel was in a carriage traveling through T'Telir when Denth's crew staged distractions in the area and allowed a group of thieves to kidnap her from the carriage.[3][1] She was kept in a dingy cage in the thieves' den. Vivenna and Vasher, who wanted to find the thieves to force them to explain what Denth had wanted with the carriage, found their hideout and discovered Misel's presence. Misel was terrified by their appearance and shrank back from Vivenna's rescue; however, when Vasher finished fighting and approached the cage, she ran right to him.[1]

As Vasher and Vivenna walked Misel back to her father's house, she was clearly traumatized and non-verbal. Vasher asked Misel to repeat a Command he told her, which seemed to cause her to completely forget her dreadful experience. After that, she spoke normally to Vasher and asked after her parents. Vasher and Vivenna delivered her to Nanrovah and her mother, who were overjoyed to have her back.[1]


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