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Abilities Mental shielding
Bonded With Vathi
Species Aviar
World First of the Sun
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Sixth of the Dusk

Mirris is an Aviar on First of the Sun. She is owned by Vathi.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Mirris is about three fists tall, like most Aviar.[1] She has subdued white and green plumage, and Sixth of the Dusk refers to her breed as a "streamer".[1] Streamers are not native to Patji, but they come from another island in the Pantheon.[1] She seems reserved towards strangers, and hisses at both Dusk and Kokerlii.[1] Vathi sometimes comforts her by making clicking sounds.[1]


Mirris is Vathi's only Aviar and the two are bonded; Vathi is surprised to learn that a human can bond multiple Aviar.[2][1] Like Kokerlii, Mirris's Aviar "talent" is the the ability to conceal mental activity in her immediate vicinity.[1] This ability allows Vathi to evade the many predators on Patji that hunt by sensing thoughts.[1] It is likely that Mirris would also be able to conceal the use of some forms of Investiture.[3] Her wings are not clipped.[1]


Vathi works for the Northern Interests Trading Company and brings Mirris with her on an expedition to Patji.[1] The two join a scout team searching for a site to place a fortress, but despite Mirris's presence, a deepwalker destroys the rest of the team. Vathi subsequently decides that she must find a trapper to have any chance of survival and she and Mirris head into the jungle. Mirris is injured when she and Vathi fall after a "monster" attacks them; Vathi ends up caught in a jellywire net. Dusk finds them and is pleased to note that Vathi knows how to apply some first aid to Mirris. However, Dusk believes Mirris's wing is broken and brings the pair back to his safecamp, where he cleans Mirris's wound, wraps her wings to prevent flight, and places her with his other Aviar to calm her down. Because of her injury, Mirris remains in the safecamp when Dusk and Vathi leave in order to investigate the Company's activities.[1]


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