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Died [1]
Profession Head Steward
Residence Hearthstone
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Miliv was Citylord Wistiow's head steward in Hearthstone on Roshar.[2]

Miliv disliked Lirin, the local surgeon from Hearthstone, for unknown reasons.[2] Lirin's son, Kaladin, believed that many of the rumors about their family in Hearthstone were started by Miliv.

Miliv was married to a woman who worked as a nurse to Brightlady Laral Wistiow.[2] After Laral's father died, the nurse didn't let Kaladin visit Laral because she believed that the boys from the town were inappropriate friends for Laral.

Sometime after Citylord Roshone arrived to replace Wistiow, Miliv died and was replaced as steward by Natir.[1]


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