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Melend Liese
Ethnicity Noble
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Melend Liese was a noble in the Final Empire. He is young, about Vin's age.[1]


Melend asked Vin, who was posing as Lady Valette Renoux, to dance at the ball at Keep Elariel. She accepted in an attempt to make Elend ask her to dance. Melend was overly formal, and proved himself to be not a very good dancer. He was initially intimidated by Vin, because of her association with Elend, but she told him that Elend was a family friend, and that Lord Renoux asked him to watch over her at the balls. Afterward, Melend relaxed and danced more easily. Vin asked him about Elend, who he knew very little about. He thought she was very good at dancing, and flirted with her. He let slip that Shan Elariel had been gossiping about her, but didn't say anymore. After a short dance, Melend led Vin back to her table. Afterward, he returned to a group of friends, and talked to them briefly about Vin. Shortly after, one of them came to ask Vin to dance.[1]


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