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Type Animal
World First of the Sun
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Sixth of the Dusk

Meekers are a rodent species on Patji that possess a rudimentary form of telepathy.[1]


Meekers are quite small and mouselike in appearance.[1] They have sharp teeth and a single pointed fang at the front of their mouths. This fang is poisonous enough to kill a man with one bite.

Behavior and Abilities[edit]

Meekers are relatively intelligent, capable of following rudimentary instructions and have the ability to project thoughts.[1] These thoughts are relatively simple, consisting mostly of requests for food or gratitude. Meekers are intelligent enough to be trained somewhat, but are incapable of responding to more complex questions. They seem to live in groups, creating dens that are home to multiple individual meekers.


When the first trappers arrived in the isles, meekers were originally dangerous to men.[1] Over the centuries they have become accustomed to trappers and are no longer a threat. Sixth of the Dusk has been attempting to train them to bite other trappers again by giving them pieces of dried meat.


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